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Looking for more information on coins than we provide here? If so check out several of the more established numismatic websites listed below.

CoinShops.orgCoinShops.org - Is a great large website that shows all the coin, pawn, and jewelry shops in the United Sates, as well as their phone numbers locations and hours of operation.

Washington-Quarters.comWashington-Quarters.com - Washington-Quarters.com is an easy to use and intuitive interface that manages prices, images, and other details related to Washington Quarters. We are mobile, iPad, and Desktop friendly. So give us a try next time you are shopping for coins.

Roosevelt-Dimes.comRoosevelt-Dimes.com - Roosevelt-Dimes.com details nothing but Roosevelt dimes from the silver issues to the modern day copper nickel blends, roosevelt-dimes.com details them all and with full color high resolution obverse and reverse images.